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A future choice of invitation


Send invitations in various formats like images, videos, website, text and many others.


Bring All together with one to one chat feature and adding to level of personalization.


Pages for speakers, attendees, staff contacts, and more. Help your attendees connect and network.

Multi Events

Corale a jam-packed agenda with customizable tracks. This page can be used to split a schedule by department, focus, or by day for multi-day events.


Locate the venue on Maps hence making it easily accessible and also let them explore more about the venue.


Send Personalized notifications or content to attendees once the reach the venue.


Add meetings, Agenda, meals, and activities in one simple place. Whether its professional meets up or wedding keep everyone informed.


The mobile features are interactive and offer a level of engagement unavailable to traditional paper programs. By letting attendees share experience through pictures, vedios, post etc.

Pictures & Videos

Create and share fun and delightful photo albums in minutes and personalize with your photos, videos, words.


Event-related reminders are important. Receiving a push alert on a mobile device weeks before might make a bigger impact on a certain number of attendees than an email or letter. Make use of Minvitd in networking with colleagues and potential or existing clients. It give attendees a reason to visit the app after the event by providing all users with a detailed contact directory of attendees and speakers. Users are also able to search PDF presentations, and other evergreen content gives users a full picture of speaker and attendees at the event—as well as any relevant skills and connections.

  • Polls

  • LiveStreaming

  • Analytics

  • Networking

  • Notifications

  • Profile Matching

  • Security

  • 24/7 Support

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  • Events expected to grow @ 20% annually

  • Mobile Internet In India 2016 (figures in millions)

  • Mobile Internet In India 2017 (figures in millions)

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